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Laughing until you cry. . . crying because it’s all you can do. . . tapping your feet and singing from your seat. . . What is this? Broadway, off broadway, off-off broadway? Actually, it’s how volunteer community actors from Indian Valley Theatre have been thrilling audiences from Sandwich and area towns for more than three decades – and the kind of shtick they do best.

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Sandwich Fair Melodramas

Shootout At Sadie’s Saloon

By John Burkhart

It seems everybody in town wants Sadie Spencer and her sister Sally to get rid of their late father’s saloon. Temperance movement stalwarts Hazel Hoochater and Prudence Purewater are determined to close the saloon down, and notorious gambler Dirk Devious has plans to obtain control of the saloon by fair means or foul. Sadie’s sweetheart Clint Cactus wants Sadie to sell the saloon and marry him. Will Dirk succeed in his evil plans? Or will he and Clint have a….Shootout at Sadie’s saloon!

The Beggar’s Secret, or What Happened to the King?

Written by: Kaitlyn Gradert

This is not like any other Melodrama. Wild West…nope, Fairy tale…YES! A beautiful Princess has been stolen by the evil Count. Will Prince Rowen be able to save her? With a group of his companions and meeting a few people on the way, we are taken through a rough and tumble, belly jiggling night of fun…not really. More like 30 minutes, but you get what I mean.

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