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Indian Valley Theatre is preparing for the 130th annual Sandwich Fair, with its classic and comedic Melodrama performances with the recent announcement of the casts by this year’s Melodrama Directors,  Kaitlyn Gradert and Sue Graham.Auditioners should be prepared to read cold from the script and participate in improv games during the audition process. No acting experience is necessary to audition, and IVT welcomes newcomers to the stage.

This year, audiences will again be treated to TWO classic melodramas chocked full of puns and jokes galore. The first is “Shootout at Sadie’s Saloon” by John Burkhart. It seems everybody in town wants Sadie Spencer and her sister Sally to get rid of their late father’s saloon. Temperance movement stalwarts Hazel Hoochater and Prudence Purewater are determined to close the saloon down, and notorious gambler Dirk Devious has plans to obtain control of the saloon by fair means or foul. Sadie’s sweetheart Clint Cactus wants Sadie to sell the saloon and marry him. Will Dirk succeed in his evil plans? Or will he and Clint have a Shootout at Sadie’s Saloon!?” The cast consists of Sadie Spencer: Kendel Graham (Somonauk); Dirk Devious, the Villain: Darren Whaley (Newark); Clint Cactus, the Hero: Lacey Romanov (Plano); Sally Spencer: Stephanie Sus (Genoa); Hazel Hoochater: Jessica Sus (Genoa); Prudence Purewater: Linda Whaley (Newark) and Sheriff Jake Jones: John Graham (Somonauk).

The second production is The Beggar’s Secret or What Happened to the King?” written by: Kaitlyn Gradert. This is not like any other Melodrama. Wild West…nope, Fairy tale…YES! A beautiful Princess has been stolen by the evil Count. Will Prince Rowen be able to save her? With a group of his companions and meeting a few people on the way, we are taken through a rough and tumble, belly jiggling night of fun…not really. More like 30 minutes, but you get what I mean. The talented cast chosen are Princess Marie: Brittany Watne (Leland); Prince Rowan: Lacey Marten (Plano); Claire: Caitlyn Roe (Plano); Georgia: Michele Wade (Sandwich); Count: Ahren Lehner (Sandwich) and Beggar: Greg Peterson (Earlville).

So hitch up the horses and bring the whole family to these exciting Melodramas performed at the Indian Valley Theatre Tent on the East Side of the Fairgrounds, inside the Sandwich Fair, the week of Sept. 6-10, 2017. Watch for further notice on showtimes. Tickets will only be $4.00 and can be purchased there along with popcorn to eat or throw at the Villains, as well as, other snacks and drinks.

For questions or more information about Indian Valley Theatre, please e-mail   or contact IVT at 888-365-8889. Check us out online @ Indian Valley Theatre is an Illinois Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and development of the performing arts in the Fox Valley area.

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